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Cascades Hellebores

Cascades Gardens, open garden is home to a large collection of unusual single and double Hellebores, which are able to withstand the wet and often cold Derbyshire winters. The following pictures are some of the hellebores that can be viewed in the garden.

Many of the hellebores that you can view in the gardens can be purchased in our nursery - there are many different Hellebores for sale so come and browse.

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Most of our hellebores come into bloom in February, they are a welcome start to the new gardening year. Hellebores are great for providing colour and interest to any garden during the late winter months. They produce very attractive flowers with an almost infinite colour range. Colours can range from pure white through to deepest purple/black, including all shades of pink, cream, primrose-yellow, smokey purple and pinkish red.

The flowers have five "petals" surrounding a ring of small, cup-like nectaries. Hellebores vary from other flowers in that the sepals do not fall as petals would, but remain on the plant, sometimes for many months. The semi-double flowers have one or two extra rows of petals; doubles have more.

Hellebores can be very easy to grow. The seeds should ideally be sown in the late summer. Just like roses, hellebores can suffer from a type of black spot, this can be treated by removing the worst affected leaves and spraying with a systematic fungicide.

A new seed will take around 3 years to produce flowers. A selection of young seedlings cultivated from our collection are available for purchase in our nursery - there are many different Hellebores for sale so come and browse.

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